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Cognitive Boost

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Instantly boost memory, focus & natural energy levels while supporting lifelong cognitive health.

Omax Cognitive Boost
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5 stars

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“Within the first few days I felt an upswing in my mental clarity, energy levels and motivation.”

Gretchen G.

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“Cognitive Boost has really helped me. It’s enhanced my ability to remember things, and the benefits have been amazing!”

Greg H.

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“It’s really had an effect on my memory, focus and overall mood. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a healthy brain boost.”

Cynthia Z.


Alpha & Omega Formula gives you the ultimate mental edge

  • Breakthrough, dual-action formula
  • Pure ingredients, clinically tested
  • Life-long preventative brain health

Real Science

Developed by world-class science and medical expertise

It really is possible to
maximize your brain’s
at any age.”
Dr. Amy Killen, Board Certified Physician,
Anti-Aging Expert

Clinically Studied

Alpha GPC & Omega-3 DHA are essential nutrients that have been clinically studied for brain health for decades. Omax Cognitive Boost is scientifically developed to replenish these essential nutrients, improving your ability to think faster, stay focused, and feel on top of your game.


  • Naturally found in your brain
    and in mother’s milk
  • Critical for brain
    development and
  • Supports enhanced
    concentration, focus, and recall

Omega-3 DHA

  • Fatty-acids essential
    for brain health
  • Impacts optimal
    memory function
    and mood
  • Promotes optimal
    brain health

Everyone Needs Cognitive Boost

Students • Moms • Gamers • Seniors • Professionals

People from every walk of life can benefit from a better brain. Omax Cognitive Boost can immediately impact your mood, memory and focus, and most importantly, YOUR LIFE.

Stay alert &

Improve energy
& stress

Get back on
your game

Feel sharper &
more engaged

Omega-3 Purity

Purity & Safety Guaranteed

Every batch is tested twice for purity and concentration, and arrives individually blister packed for maximum freshness.

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