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Omax Cognitive Boost

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5 stars

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“Within the first few days I felt an upswing in my mental clarity, energy levels and motivation.”

Gretchen G.

5 stars

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“Cognitive Boost has really helped me. It’s enhanced my ability to remember things, and the benefits have been amazing!”

Greg H.

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“It’s really had an effect on my memory, focus and overall mood. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a healthy brain boost.”

Cynthia Z.


Alpha & Omega Formula gives you the ultimate mental edge

  • Breakthrough, dual-action formula
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People from every walk of life can benefit from a better brain. Omax Cognitive Boost can immediately impact your mood, memory and focus, and most importantly, YOUR LIFE.

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Omega-3 Purity

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Every batch is tested twice for purity and concentration, and arrives individually blister packed for maximum freshness.